Which Cadenshae Bra Is Right for You?

Which Cadenshae Bra Is Right for You?


At Cadenshae, we have multiple bras in our range that are suitable for various levels of activity, and fit various sizes. We pride ourselves on the fact we have something for every ONE and every BODY.

Check out some quick-fire descriptions of all our phenomenal bras below, so you can figure out which one is best for you!


Our Everyday bra is the quintessential bra for the pregnant and newborn stage. It's so incredibly comfortable and versatile that you’ll wear this bra day-in and day-out in those first few months when you feel that all you do is FEED, FEED, FEED! It’s perfect for sleeping in, or with a little tightening of the straps and band, you’re good to go for some light to moderate exercise too. Best suited for A - E cup sizes.


The Fit2Feed is a great choice for when you finally feel like getting out and about with your wee one. You can do any type of work out in this bra, i.e. walking, CrossFit, weights, yoga, running...whatever you fancy! This bra is particularly awesome for high intensity training (in fact customers have run 'ultra marathons' in this bra)! The Fit2Feed sits nicely under tanks and the racerback design is not only extremely supportive, but stylish too! This bra is best suited for B - E cup sizes.


Next up we have the Freedom Bra which accommodates a wide range of breast sizes, and is designed to offer more coverage for those of you who prefer it. Also, the specially made fabric cups provide a whole world of comfort. This little gem is a great option for smaller busted women, but will fit women ranging from A - E cup. Check out the 'rouge' colour, so cute!


Our Smoothie Crop Bra is another great option for women with a little 'less,' but can also support the 'big girls' too! It's soft, silky and provides a supportive fit that can be used for low to moderate exercise, plus you can sleep in this one, yay! It's specially designed to fit mothers with small breasts and grow with them as their bust and under bust changes throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Suitable for A - F cup sizes. 


The Embrace Bra is one of our newest inventions and not only is it stylish, but it's super innovative with its zip front design. This nursing sports bra provides all the comfort and support active mums between a B - D cup need. It's a little sexy and will make any small breasted woman feel beautiful...something every mother deserves! 


The Swift Bra is the perfect hybrid of our top selling Fit2Feed and Ultimate nursing sports bras. It has the the support and functionality of the Fit2Feed, but with 'normal' straps. If you're not a fan of the racerback style and want firm support - this one is for you. Great for B - E cup sizes, and awesome for running.


The Evolve Bra is another super-stylish crossover nursing sports bra which has been specially made to show off underneath your favourite tops, while making working out and breastfeeding a breeze. It's made with a thick under bust band to provide extra support, and the crossover straps follow the shape of our 'Rise Up Tanks' so you look and feel great when exercising or getting out and about in the sunshine! Designed for B-F cup sizes.


The Ultimate Bra is just that, the ultimate. It's designed for women with a bigger bust (size DD + to G) and it has all the bells and whistles. Wide padded straps, custom foam moulded cups for a great shape and perfect fit, and an optional racerback conversion clip so you can wear this bra under any type of top. Great for any type of exercise and it really does hold 'the girls' in place. No more doubling up on bras, we've got you covered!


The Radiance Bra is a combination of our most popular bra - the Ultimate - and our Embrace Bra. This sexy, stylish and discreet nursing sports bra with a zip front option provides all the comfort and support bigger busted mums need to be active, comfortable and breastfeed anywhere, anytime. If you're a DD + to G cup, this one is for you! 


Next we have the the superhero nursing bra for mums with big breasts - the Luxe Bra. This is the bra you were hoping someone would one day make! Well we have! The gorgeous Luxe Bra is for those who have H to J cups. It's a colourful, fun, stylish and discreet plus size nursing bra which provides all the comfort and support you need for any activity...finally!

Non-Breastfeeding Range - Level (LVL):

Welcome to the next level of motherhood...and now that you're here, don't think we have abandoned you...no way! We have two bras for those women who are no longer nursing, but want to continue their journey with Cadenshae. We love you!


Our Fit2Feed LVL high impact racerback sports bra is perfect for active women, who're searching for firm support so they can train...hard. Highly structured, the Fit2Feed LVL ensures your breasts won't move an inch. A must-have for your workout wardrobe, this specially designed maximum support racerback sports bra is ideal for almost all workouts. Great for A - E cup sizes. 


As aforementioned, our best seller is the Ultimate Bra, so we made one for the next stage too. The Ultimate LVL Bra is a colourful and stylish high impact sports bra with large cups providing all the comfort and support bigger busted women need to be active. This bra is a serious life-changer. Suited best for those with bigger busts; E - G cup sizes.

So, there you have it! We've got you covered girls, every stage, every intensity, every size...there really are no more excuses!

Go get 'em!

Written by Ellen Chisholm. 

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