How Do Maternity Leggings Ease Pain?

How Do Maternity Leggings Ease Pain?

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Both of our pregnant and postpartum models are wearing the 'Classic Maternity Leggings - 3/4' in black, one with the belly band up, one with the belly band folded over.
My eldest son is four, my second son is three, and now...I am pregnant with my third child! Woohoo! Why am I telling you this? Well, apart from just wanting to share my excitement with you, I also want you to know that for my first two pregnancies I did not have the pleasure of owning Cadenshae maternity compression tights. I had heard about Cadenshae and had some nursing sports bras and a few breastfeeding hoodies, but for some reason I just never bought any of the bottoms. I guess in my ignorance I thought that loose clothing would be the most flattering on me, whereas in reality now that I am more up with the play, I find the Classic Maternity Leggings not only flatter me (they suck everything in and keep it all firm, like spanx!) but they are just so supportive, comfortable, and above all else - they help to ease any pain or niggles I am experiencing. Now that I am 36, this third pregnancy is a little bit tougher than the first and second. Growing old is so much fun! The Classic Maternity Leggings from Cadenshae are the best maternity leggings I’ve ever come across (same can be said for their maternity shorts too)...and it's my job to know what's out there and what the competition is like in this niche market. I’ll never go back and I know I’ll be wearing them long after bubs is out...just like I’ve been wearing them between by second and third pregnancies, no baby in sight!
Nikki is wearing the gorgeous 'Classic Maternity Leggings - Full Length'.

So, now I am going through a bit of discomfort in this third pregnancy, I wanted to delve into how pregnancy leggings can ease pain in this blog. We know these maternity support tights are stylish, of superior quality and flattering, but for many pregnant women, these reasons alone are not enough to go ahead and actually purchase pregnancy compression leggings. The main reason many pregnant women buy these pregnancy leggings we've discovered is for added support, and to help with aches and pains.

If you're on the fence about whether to buy some maternity tights, then read’s a full run down on how our maternity support leggings work to ease pregnancy inflicted discomfort. But don’t take my (arguably bias) word for it, let’s ask the professionals for their opinion.

First up we have Katy Street, a highly qualified physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health, which of course encompasses pregnancy and postpartum. Here’s what Katy has to say about our maternity compression pants.

“Mothers - as a mother, physiotherapist and director of Auckland Physiotherapy I highly recommend Cadenshae’s activewear.

The leggings are extremely comfortable and provide abdominal support both during pregnancy and after having a baby. I love that there is the option to pull them up over the belly for full support, or you can fold down the high waistband for lower abdominal control. We tried and tested the leggings and found that the compression over the belly provided proprioceptive feedback to help engage the abdominals, whilst being comfortable enough to wear for walking, pilates, yoga, running, to the gym, or just for playing with the kids.

As physiotherapists, one of our main aims is to empower our clients to raise their quality of movement to improve their quality of life. Regular movement is vastly important to support a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery. We love that Cadenshae’s leggings allow women to keep active while looking beautiful at the same time. The fabric is nice and thick so it’s flattering and never see-through!”

For a second opinion, we asked Lorraine Scapens creator of 'The Fit Mum Programs,’ and a personal trainer who has worked with thousands of pregnant women for over 25 years to keep them fit, healthy, strong...and safe. Here’s her take on how our pregnancy leggings help ease discomfort, particularly postpartum:

“Postpartum, the fold down band is snug enough to provide stability to the S.I joints. After delivery, we tend to have some instability due to our body recovering from pregnancy and birth, as well as the hormonal changes that alter the integrity of the ligaments that hold the pelvis together.

The band folded down allows for free movement while providing some sense of stability to the pelvic structure.

Pregnancy is a bit more challenging, but I would say the support, flexibility and freedom to move encourages a more active and comfortable pregnancy.”

And last but not least, we sought out a doctor’s tick of approval. A practitioner with a primary focus on prenatal and postpartum care...take it away Dr. Caitlin Zietz.

"Ladies, I fully endorse the complete collection of Cadenshae apparel. Their nursing bras, activewear, and leggings are supportive, comfortable, and stylish, truly serving a new mother’s ever-changing body.

The Cadenshae leggings provide support for the bio-mechanical changes in pregnancy and postpartum. In pregnancy, their thick band helps brace a growing belly, minimising the lower back pain affecting more than 80% of pregnant women worldwide. Postpartum, when folded in half, the abdominal band on the leggings acts as supplementary support for the S.I joints as they regain their stability during postpartum recovery. Cadenshae serves mothers and mothers-to-be of all shapes and sizes worldwide, and they’re my number one recommendation for apparel."

Our Olympian Alysia Montaño is working out in the 'Classic Maternity Leggings - Full Length' in black, and the 'Casual Tank' in mint.

So, to recap - what have we learnt about the Cadenshae Classic Maternity Leggings and how they work to ease pain and discomfort during pregnancy and postpartum?

1. They provide abdominal support during both pregnancy and postpartum.

2. With the fold down band, the maternity compression tights provide stability to the pelvic structure.

3. Pregnancy tights offer support, flexibility and freedom which helps to encourage a mother-to-be to exercise, thus supporting a more active, comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

4. The comfortable maternity leggings provide support for the bio-mechanical changes in pregnancy and postpartum.

5. In pregnancy, the thick band minimises lower back pain affecting more than 80% of pregnant women.

6. Postpartum, when the belly compression band is folded in half, it acts as supplementary support for the S.I joints as they regain their stability during postpartum recovery.

And they’re also of course:

1. Comfortable.

2. Flattering - in fact all of Cadenshae’s leggings (and maternity shorts) are deemed as slimming maternity leggings.

3. Squat proof/not see through.

4. They have an over belly and underbelly option to suit personal preferences.

5. Made from high quality materials.

6. Available in plus sizes. It’s finally no longer a struggle to find plus size maternity leggings, yay!

It's a no-brainer, if you’re looking for maternity pants to wear during pregnancy and postpartum that will help ease pain, you really can’t go past the Classic Maternity Leggings from Cadenshae. They're medically endorsed, what more do you need?

We also offer a number of other leggings for both pregnancy and postpartum, all providing amazing comfort and support, but for those of you (like me!) who may be aching a little more, you can’t beat the Classics - they’re hands down the best maternity leggings on the market.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, or your baby if you’re now looking for maternity compression tights postpartum! Either way, we’d like you offer you a special treat, 10% off any of our maternity shorts or leggings, just put in the code: LEGBLG%10 when you go to check out and enjoy!

Look good and feel good mama, and remember, you’ve totally got this, and with these maternity pants, you've got it with a little less pain!

Written by Ellen Chisholm in conjunction with Katy Street, Lorraine Scapens and Dr. Caitlin Zietz.

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