Breastfeeding Hoodies


Cup Size

A - C
A - D
B - C
C - E
D - G
E - F
E - G
H - J

Band Size

XS / 8
S / 10
M / 12
L / 14
XL+ / 16-20



These breastfeeding hoodies feature quick and easy access for effortless breastfeeding, without the need to strip off those cosy layers.

Specially designed to be stylish and discreet in its breastfeeding style hoodie appearance. Your family and friends won’t realise that your Cadenshae hoodie is actually a maternity or nursing hoodie.  Our range of breastfeeding hoodies is designed to keep you ultra comfortable and feeling great. Whether it’s around the house, exercising or getting out and about in the world looking fabulous, breastfeeding will be a breeze in these!

Why choose a breastfeeding hoodie from Cadenshae?

Say goodbye to stripping off layers or removing tops to breastfeed. These pregnancy hoodies are designed to function seamlessly with all of our layers of breastfeeding tops and bras so you don’t have to remove a single layer.

  • Sizes come in Small to XXL.
  • Designed for everyday wearing.
  • Extra length to cover your bump through pregnancy.
  • Light to midweight. No hoodie is too heavy to wear with anything else.
  • Discreet twin invisible zips that follow the seams for super easy nursing.
  • Vertical invisible zips in all styles of breastfeeding hoodies except for the Casual Hoodie which features two nicely concealed horizontal invisible zips.
  • 100% functional breastfeeding.
  • No flaps or obvious breastfeeding aspects that say, "Hey, I'm a breastfeeding hoodie," so can easily be worn after you finish breastfeeding.
  • Assorted fabric types and styles for your personal preference.
  • The activewear hoodies have thumb holes at the bottom of the sleeve to keep a portion of your hand covered should you choose to.  

A favourite top layer amongst our mums with many continuing to wear them well after breastfeeding.


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