Sara Vaughn - US 1500m Runner.

Sara is pictured above sporting her Cadenshae and &Mother training sports bra, while racing two of her four children!

As a Founding Partner of the US non-profit &Mother, (for more information on our partnership, click here) we are honoured to be able to partner and support Sara Vaughn, an American middle distance runner in her campaign to make her first US Olympic team at the US Olympic trials in June 2021. If all goes well here, then we will continue our support of Vaughn as she tries to take out a medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games in July 2021.

Vaughn (34) specialises in the 1500m event and is a three time bronze medallist at the USA Indoor Track and Field Championships, taking the podium in 2012, 2014 and 2017. Vaughn's personal best in the event is 4:04.56. 

Not only has Vaughn enjoyed a successful running career, but she has also had four children during this time: Kiki (14), Calia (10), Cassidy (5) and Davey (1).

Sara you embody all that &Mother and Cadenshae preach. You continue to pursue your dreams of making the Olympics all while raising four beautiful children - no easy feat! Good luck at the trials - you've got this!

Watch Sara's inspirational post-run interview after making the US Outdoor team at the USA Track and Field meet in 2017. She keeps it real as an athlete and a mother!