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Our postpartum leggings are carefully designed to cater to new mums looking for stylish and comfortable postpartum clothing. Cadenshae postpartum compression tights are also ideal for women who are after maternity tights with an underbelly waistband during the latter stages of pregnancy. 

Why choose postpartum leggings from Cadenshae? 

Our vast collection of postnatal/postpartum tights has been catered with expecting and new mums in mind. We use the highest quality fabrics that stretch with the growth and retraction of the body. The comfortable fabric used to make Cadenshae postpartum leggings will provide maximum comfort and support you as you slowly go back to daily exercise. Conveniently, Cadenshae postpartum leggings have thick waistbands that sit high, that can be placed over the stomach, or folded underneath depending on personal preference.  

Difference Between Postpartum Leggings and Maternity Leggings 

Postpartum leggings are designed to support the retracting lower half of the belly postpartum. Leggings built for postpartum are usually slightly more supportive during everyday movement and exercise compared to maternity leggings. Often postpartum tights and postpartum compression tights come with a higher waistband but will not cover the whole belly as most maternity leggings do. 

In contrast, maternity leggings are designed to support a growing belly and the surrounding ligaments and muscles during the stages of pregnancy. Maternity leggings often feature a very high waistband compared to postpartum leggings, that cover most of the tummy. 

Postpartum Stomach Support

Postpartum compression tights are designed to provide support and light compression to the legs, hips, and lower back to help women with postpartum recovery. The features of postpartum leggings support under the belly and alleviate pressure on the pelvis as the body retracts. Stomach and overall support are key for postpartum leggings. They are built to assist your body while your body goes back into its natural alignment after giving birth. Ultimately, postpartum compression tights will provide you and your body with the comfort and support you need to get out and exercise after pregnancy.

How do postpartum leggings work?

Postpartum leggings at Cadenshae stimulate recovery and are built and differ from your normal leggings. The best postpartum leggings are the ones built with features that will provide support as your body bounces back to its natural alignment. Find the most supportive postpartum leggings at Cadenshae.


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