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A lot of women including our customers find maternity leggings the most comfortable to wear, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. As you get further along, wearing stiff and restricting pants can make manoeuvring even harder, so jeans are definitely not a crowd favourite. Browse Cadenshae’s range of maternity leggings and find your fit today.

Supportive Leggings for Maternity Wear

The best maternity leggings are built with an extra-supportive waistband and special panels that are high enough to sit over your growing belly. Cadenshae maternity leggings are carefully designed and made from stretchy and soft material that allows just the right amount of movement and comfort. Our maternity yoga pants are built with an extra high waistband and compression panel that can be worn up or folded down your growing belly. These compression panels will offer maximum belly and back support during pregnancy and in postpartum.

At Cadenshae we aim to provide mums and to-be mums with the best supportive maternity leggings. Our medically endorsed maternity leggings are proven to help with uncomfortable pain during pregnancy and to promote recovery postpartum.

Maternity Activewear Tights

When you are looking for maternity activewear, it is important to find tights with a supportive but non-restrictive waistband. Investing in supportive maternity activewear tights can help with pain management and correct your posture when you are doing gentle workouts or day to day activities.

Maternity activewear tights at Cadenshae promote comfort, movement, and ease. Our maternity yoga pants have just the right amount of compression to ease pain while maintaining flexibility of movement. Cadenshae’s maternity leggings are designed with a scoop low waistline to accommodate you and your bump.

Are maternity leggings good to wear during pregnancy?

It is absolutely fine to wear maternity leggings during your pregnancy and during your postpartum period - in fact, Cadenshae’s leggings are medically endorsed. As your bump grows many women prefer to wear maternity leggings instead of jeans or trousers, for maximum comfort and movement. At Cadenshae we have a full range of maternity gear to suit any woman, including full length maternity tights with pockets and high waisted maternity leggings. Try pairing leggings with our convenient nursing tops! Whatever your unique needs, discover the best maternity leggings that fit your lifestyle at Cadenshae.


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