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Blogger and social media sensation Anna Reeve has amassed thousands of followers across her blog (annareeve.co.nz) and her various social media platforms (go follow @annareeve_ on Insty if you don’t already!) and it’s easy to see why: Mum to Toddler twins Oscar and Hunter (also on Insta - @thereevenuggets) and wife to radio star Jay Reeve (@thejayreeve), this former model-turned-mama offers an honest - and often hilarious - account of her family’s day-to-day. We’re huge fans of the gorgeous Anna and leapt at the chance to quiz her about all things fitness.

Did you find it easy to get back into shape after having Oscar and Hunter and how did you get motivated to workout with two little ones?
I was the slimmest I had been in a few years the moment I gave birth, but that was thanks to hyperemesis gravidarum and vomiting up to 20 times a day my entire pregnancy! So even though the weight wasn’t an issue, I had to make sure I didn’t gain too much back. I was also dealing with a serious disaster recti (torn stomach muscles) which took some serious concentrated work to close….and eventually needed surgery to fully close. So I’m not back in the shape I used to be but I feel exercise now helps with my mental health and feeling good about life when you have a stressful day with two toddlers at your feet.

What advice do you have for new mums trying to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back?
Ditch the thought of getting your pre-pregnancy body back, it will never be the same. That doesn’t mean you won't lose weight and potentially be in better shape than you once were, but things will be different. Your body will change whether it is slightly wider hips, stretch marks or your breast shape…but that's ok. You made and carried a child, what a gift! So embrace those changes and do your best to be the best version of your new you.

What’re your favourite ways to workout these days?
I love reformer pilates and a good PT session. I’m a bit lazy and much prefer someone pushing me to do my best as I’m not that tough on myself.

What’s the weirdest workout you’ve ever tried?
A silks class, like the ones they have at the circus or PINK used during her concerts. It was so, so hard!

What are your favourite songs to exercise to?
I love anything upbeat and I’m partial to house music.

Do you follow anyone on social media for fitness or wellness inspo?
@bubs2bikinis is another twin mama who posts at home workouts with her brood around her. I love her commitment to getting some fitness in each day while being a great example to her kids.

You’ve just moved to the Mount...what are the eating and exercise spots you can’t wait to hit up?
You can't beat walking up the Mount and I’m going to look into some sort of trainer here too once I'm all settled in. I love Eighty Eight for breakfast and Postbank for dinner. There are a few fab smoothie bowl joints down here too but I guess I’m still in the discovery zone.

What are your go-to nutritious family recipes?
Oh gosh there are so many dishes I love to cook but now that it's become Asparagus season again I can't go past how I cook them. Click here for the recipe!

Written by Nikki Clarke.


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